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Portfolio Management of Mass Litigation

The Law Firm works with customized programs in the management of mass litigation, Enabling customers favorable results in the cost-benefit ratio of their investments and/or expenses with legal assistance. The Office also has as a rule and norm preliminarily know the need of the client and customize the strategy of action.


Based on a multidisciplinary management system, in line with its network of affiliates throughout Brazil, Trajano Neto and Paciornik Law Firm installs efficiency and security in the execution of their actions and ensures transparency in customer service.


Still in the context of the management of mass litigation, the office performs strategic actions such as:


– Administrative representation with the public prosecutor, PROCON and other public and/or civil society entities of consumer protection and defense;


– Portfolio Inventory Control (active and terminated processes, office and/or customer database conferencing);


– Structuring of basic reduction campaigns with the judiciary and/or extrajudicial;


– Accounting and information security control for a specialized performance in judicial and extrajudicial agreements;


– Customization and automation of customized management reports;


– Measures to reduce portfolio stock;


– Jurimetry and segmented and strategic analysis of judicial liabilities

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