Full service performance with national coverage.

The Office

Trajano Neto & Paciornik is a full service law office with nationwide coverage.

Through a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, administrators, accountants and professionals with solid experience, the office advises its clients, both national and foreign, in a wide range of law.

With expertise in the areas of insurance, tax, international, sports, corporate recovery, agribusiness, oil and gas, civil and contract, corporate, digital and startups, real estate and health, as well as managing litigation, the firm offers solutions and legal assistance with excellence, creativity and safety, in the preventive, advisory and litigation areas.

How We Think

We believe that the purpose of law is to offer community integrity, fairness and justice. Practicing law requires expertise, creativity, ethics, responsiveness and experience.

Our firm works to provide our clients with personal attention and full understanding of their needs and objectives, focused on finding effective and costumized solutions, always commited to the highest ethical standarts and professional excellence.

How We Work

Through the guidelines and supervision of the administrative and financial control over activities, the Firm is enabled to provide a comprehensive, fast and effective service to its clients. Therefore, in constant interction with the legal staff, our activities are deveoped by multidisciplinary teams of versatile professionals, experienced in a range of fields, dedicated to the execution of legal services.

Through an efficient infrastructure and the excellence of our team, the Firm attends both individuals and small, medium or large-sized companies, taking into accout the specific characteristics and needs of each client, and offering high-quality legal services in an innovative and cost-effective manner.

Social Role

“It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding.”
- Gibran Kahlil Gibran

In addition to legal activities, our office has well-defined humanistic convictions and social conscience, which makes the company take its speech to the practice of voluntary, participatory, solidarity and fraternity actions, always seeking the common good.

In this sense, the office also acts as a supporter of respected philanthropic institutions:

Associação dos Amigos do Hospital de Clínicas do Paraná.
Instituto de Pesquisas Pelé Pequeno Príncipe (única instituição social do mundo que leva o nome do atleta).

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